dakota - kidnapped & Killed

Dakota - Coon Hound Killed

Dakota was kidnapped on August 28, 2019 at 11 a.m. 

Update: 1/31/2020 From tips received it is believed the people who kidnapped the dogs intention was to use Dakota (the Coon Hound) to hunt coons. What they were however not aware of was Dakota would only hunt for the young boy. We suspect they then tried to use Dakota to track down deer and when he did not at the end of deer season they killed the dog. 

We also found out that the “clover leaf” where he was dumped is known for the dumping of dogs after the season is over. If the dogs do not perform to their owners liking they are killed and dumped there. The clover leaf I am referring to is the interstate 95 connect and is a huge clover leaf. 

Now someone saw Dakota hunting this past season and someone has a description and maybe even a name of who was hunting him. This is larger than we originally thought. There are countless amounts of dogs being dumped at that clover leaf. There is a fence for wildlife around the clover leaf. That fence shields the animals from the highway. There are cameras all around the clover leaf and that is being looked into presently. Again all tips are confidential and anonymous. Tips@bikersagainstabuse.org

This Coon Hound was stolen from Wallace North Carolina. The hound was found right after Christmas. Believed he was killed Christmas Morning. The hound had a blue collar on.

Someone driving on i95 saw him dead on the side of the rd. His head was on the white line and the cars were swerving around him. A man stopped to move him off the rd . The driver also said he saw he had a collar on him so he looked and it had the owners phone number on it. The driver was a dog lover and was heart broken when he saw him there.

There was about a 100 mile radius from where he was taken from to where he was found shot to death. A 1 hour 40 minute drive.

Tips have led us to believe someone from Lumberton or Pembroke North Carolina is responsible for this.

This is a despicable act of violence. This young boy and his dad are absolutely heart broken.

The owner is offering a large reward but it shouldn’t be about the money. If someone would kill an innocent animal, think of what they would do to a child or woman.

As always all tips are confidential and anonymous. Tips@bikersagainstabuse.org or 470-633-5632. All I want is a name or names of who is responsible.

You can be mad at a dog, yell at them or whatever and that dog will always show you unconditional love. There is no excuse for this. NONE! Any of you that know me, know I hate abusers, predators, molesters and animal abusers. 

Imagine being that boy and knowing his dog was shot and killed on a Christmas Day. If that doesn’t piss you off enough to share this and seek justice, you have no soul. 

If your reading this and you had any part in this just know we’re coming and you have a lot of explaining to do, not only to us but to that family as well. We will find you ….. we always do! Best do your research and check into our track record. 



Dakota, A coon hound was kidnapped and found shot in the head. He was this young boys best friend

Dakota - Kidnapped and Killed North Carolina

Roberto Alvarez - Wanted Rape of 5 Year Old

Nationwide Warrant

FARGO, N.D. Police across the country are on the lookout for a North Dakota man who’s accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old. 

Thirty-six-year-old Roberto Alvarez is charged with two counts of aggravated rape.

Alvarez is originally from Minto, ND, but has connections to the Fargo-Moorhead and Grand Forks areas.

He also goes by the names Roberto Sanchez and Carlos Sanchez.

If you spot him, call your local law enforcement right away.


Roberto Alvarez  is wanted for the rape of a 5 year old.

Roberto Alvarez Wanted for the Rape of a 5 Year Old

Jory worthen wanted for double homicide Camden Arkansas. Braydon Ponder, Alyssa cannon


Where is Jory Worthen - The Hunt for Worthen continues. June 25, 2019 Worthen murdered 20 year old Alyssa Cannon and 4 Year old Braydon Ponder. Bikers Against Abuse International has been working this case since the onset. This family needs closure and we need your help.




Malcolm Jamal Rhodes

Child Predator Alert Georgia

Heads up Henry County Georgia, Hogansville Georgia, Coweta County, Clayton County, Pike County, Upson County, Fayette County, Spalding County, Butts County, Fulton County, Troup County, Lamar County 

A public group has been created by us for his case:


This is by far worse than we thought please please please visit his Facebook page and look at all the events he has done at different schools, skate rinks and venues. If your child has had contact with him; speak with them immediately ! 

Facebook Personal Page:


Business page:


Update: Bikers Against Abuse will be contacting each and every venue he has been at and demanding they share it on their page and put his flyer up. If they do not comply we will blast them all over this page and our website. Any business or venue not willing to share it with their patrons do not care about your children and they need to be boycotted immediately.


The Henry County Police Department needs the public’s assistance.

Malcolm Jamal Rhodes who is a well known disc jockey in Henry County is accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy.

The police said there is “a concern of other possible victims.”

The investigation began Nov. 12 into Malcolm Jamal Rhodes, 24. The Hogansville man was taken into custody by Henry County police earlier this month with assistance from the Henry county sheriff’s office, police spokesman Maj. Joey Smith said in a news release Wednesday.

Rhodes, who works as a DJ at local schools, skating rinks and with church youth groups in the area, is charged with child molestation, sexual battery and enticing a child for indecent purposes. A man called police headquarters last week to report that he thought the DJ molested his son inside of their home. “He was doing his due diligence as a concerned father and saw something that was inappropriate or saw some interaction or contact he didn’t approve of and ultimately was concerned,” Smith started. Officers met with the teenager, listened to his story and quickly arrested Rhodes, details of what the child said will not be released at this time. Three of the organizations Rhodes worked with said they severed ties with him once he was arrested. 

“We can absolutely prove this case happened and we’re concerned that there’s others out there,” Smith said. “We hope there’s no more victims, but we believe there are, so we’re just asking for help from the public.” Anyone with information is asked to contact Henry County police Detective D. Gray at 770-288-8266.

If you have information about DJ Malcolm and other potential victims contact the Detective on the case, Detective Gray, 770-288-8266, dgray@co.henry.ga.us











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Malcom Jamal Rhodes - Predator
Malcom Rhodes

Malcom Jamal Rhodes - Predator

Malcom Rhodes



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